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Compass Pools South East Queensland (SEQ) is one of Queensland’s most innovative Queensland fibreglass pool builders. Located in Chermside in the northern suburbs of Brisbane, Compass Pools SEQ supports hundreds of customers every year across the Brisbane, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast regions. Our mission is to build the best and safest family pools possible. There is hundreds of Compass Pools installed throughout the Brisbane region. Our experience gives you confidence that we will deliver a hassle free pool project, and a pool your family can enjoy for many years to come. With us you can enjoy:

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Case Study: Sinnamon Park, QLD (South Brisbane)

A Resort Style Plunge Pool

It’s hot and humid out in Brisbane’s western suburbs says Terry Garrone of Sinnamon Park, with little or no relief during hot summers. A pool to cool off in, decided Terry, was an essential. With restricted space for a pool, however, due to underground power lines, Terry’s solution was to install a five-metre fibreglass plunge pool in the front yard.

“We basically stuck the pool in the front yard and created an entertainment area around it,” says Terry. “It’s now a place to walk out to after work and a workout at the gym and relax from the day. We’ve tried to make it as resort-style and relaxing as possible. We managed to leave it as open as possible, with no fencing directly around the pool, by having CrimSafe windows at the front of the house, while Colorbond fencing at the front provides plenty of privacy from the street.”

Swimming Pool and Accessories

Terry selected a Compass pool (the EVEC 200 Plunge Pool 5.0 in Arctic Marine finish) from his local west Brisbane pool builder with the addition of Compass’s exclusive Vantage in-floor pool cleaning system and Gemini Twin System salt water chlorinator and Chlorinator/pH control system which automatically controls the chemical levels and ensures balanced pool water to protect the pool shell and equipment and keep the pool water healthy.

“The pool basically keeps itself clean and maintains itself happily,” says Terry. “All we have to do is skim a few leaves off the top every now and then. Having a self-cleaning pool also adds to the property’s resale value as it saves so much time and money on regular cleaning and maintenance.”

One issue to overcome during installation was the hard, compacted soil on the site. “Despite this issue,” says Terry, “Compass tried to do everything as economically as possible and the pool was installed fairly quickly.”

With multi-coloured Aquaquip LED lighting installed in the pool for night-time dips, the pool surrounds paved with Edenstone paving and landscaped and a barbecue and poolside furniture in place, Terry has been able to create a delightful, private place for relaxing, cooling off and entertaining within the confines of quite a small area. “Compass did a great job and there were no real issues,” says Terry, “and now my ideas are there in reality to enjoy every day.”

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Questions Regarding Pool Installation in the Brisbane area?

Luke Mewett - Director of Compass Pools South East Queensland, the Pool Builder in Brisbane

Luke Mewett, Director of Compass Pools South East Queensland

Hi, I’m Luke Mewett your Compass Pools dealer for South East Queensland. We service hundreds of customers each year throughout Brisbane, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast regions. We have a display centre in Chermside, Brisbane, where we have two Compass Pools on display, a X-trainer and a Riviera. Both have the Vantage in-floor cleaning and circulation systems so you can see first-hand the ease of a self-cleaning pool.

Customer Service in Brisbane

Customer service is top priority and we currently have 10 people in our team that reflect this to the highest standard. We also have an operations manager who follows up with the customer throughout the whole sales process so our customers are continually involved and we can find something that is perfect for them. We believe that to provide the best service for any customer, you have to be honest. From the get go we are completely upfront with their quotes or any unforeseen costs so there are no surprises. Honesty and putting the customers concerns first is top priority for us.

Latest Pool Technology Now Available in Brisbane

We understand that people live very busy lifestyles so we have always strived to build a pool that is easy to own, looks great and is built to last. Our technologies exist to take the time and effort out of pool ownership. We create a pool that does all the hard work so you can spend more time enjoying your pool. Even if you have a difficult or sloping site, Compass Pools exclusive maxi rib pool wall technologies allows us to install pools almost anywhere.

At Compass Pools SEQ we know it’s not enough to just offer good service, but you need to offer the best products too. That’s why we offer the Compass Pool range, because they know that technology is constantly changing and to make sure that our customers are still happy with their pools 30 years later, they continue to invest heavily in research and development and continue to set the benchmark in the fibreglass pool industry.

If you want top quality service and a pool installer that can offer the latest in fibreglass pool technology, give us a call or even pop in to our display centre in Chermside. We will walk you through what we offer, and together we can find something that meets your needs/wants and create the pool of your dreams.

Case Study: North Lakes, QLD (North Brisbane)

A Pool for the New House

When Michael and Debbie Frawley moved to a new house on the northside of Brisbane last year the couple decided the time was right to install a pool for both relaxation and exercise.

“The house next door wasn’t built yet, so it was an opportune time to install a fibreglass pool as access was easy,” says Michael. “If we had waited, the pool would have had to be lifted over the roof.”

Good timing also came into play when it came time to choose a company to supply and install the much-anticipated pool.

“We were at a home show in Brisbane talking to all the pool companies,” says Michael. “The team from Compass were very friendly and approachable and had plenty of knowledge. The options they showed us looked pretty good as well. When they came out to inspect our site we built up a really good rapport.”

Slimline X-Trainer

The Frawleys chose an 8.2 x 3 m Slimline X-Trainer as it was a perfect fit for their narrow site. Another key decision was the colour they chose – Picking the Bi-Luminite colour Granite gave them the natural stone look they were after. It also gave them the extra protection only a Bi-Luminite Ceramic Core pool shell can give compared to other Fibreglass pools on the market. “The guys from Compass were very adaptable and able to change things and add extras such as a hand rail down the shallow end to help my elderly parents and the grandkids get in and out of the pool,” says Michael. “We also added a swim harness that holds you stationary in the pool while you swim for exercise, which has been marvellous for keeping fit.

“We also requested LED lighting in the pool that changes colours and the Gemini and Vantage systems to run the pool filtration and cleaning. All we do is add salt and the pool does everything else – no hoses and no time spent cleaning the pool every week. It’s pretty much set and forget.”

The Vantage infloor cleaning system and Gemini system are exclusive to Compass Pools and cut pool maintenance time and expense down to a bare minimum. Backed by Paramount, the number one infloor pool cleaning company in the world, the Vantage system is the best available on the market, while the Gemini system automatically controls the chemical levels in the pool.

Compass Pools SEQ Customer Care

Michael and Debbie also appreciated Compass’s customer care throughout their pool project, with the Chermside team happily recommending tilers and other trades required for the installation.

The installation went really well and the Compass guys helped out with their contacts and explained the whole set up once the pool was installed. We couldn’t fault them on their assistance and the work they’ve done,” say the Frawleys.

The Frawleys decided on tiling their entire backyard to keep the pool area clean and also to create an entertaining area around the pool, with barbecue and outdoor table and seating.

Busy on Christmas Day

“The whole project really came into its own on Christmas Day,” add the Frawleys, “when we had 26  people for lunch. The pool was very busy!”

Next on the Frawleys wish-list is to install solar heating so they can continue to enjoy their Compass pool through the winter months, when shade from the boundary fence restricts the amount of sunlight in their backyard. “Compass have recommended a heat pump, and we will be installing it as soon as we can,” say the Frawleys.

Our Secret Weapons

Vantage Self-Cleaning Pool System

Only an in-floor system automatically cleans the pool, without the use of vacuum cleaners, and keeps the water perfectly circulated, clean and healthy.

Bi-luminite™ Ceramic Range

Other fibreglass pool finishes look good in the flesh, but have their colour & lustre obscured underwater, whereas our large colour chips are enhanced.

Pool Technology – Ceramic Core

Compass patented ceramic core technology provides core strength and ensures a risk-free purchase underpinned by our industry leading warranties.


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Our experience with Compass Pools has been outstanding from initial enquiry to handover completion has been professional, friendly and smooth process. Jamie and the boys were fantastic to deal with. Would highly recommend this company!

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